Our role is to instill passion for God in the lives of children.


Cool Camp is Spark Kids Ministry’s flagship event that allows children to learn about God, away from the usual church service environment. The name “Cool” is our acronym for “Christ Over Our Lives”, and the prayer is for our children to love the Lord more, submit to His authority and walk in obedience.
Teach God’s Word (to have relationship with God);
Instill values and discipline (relationship with one another).
Children are an important part of our church today and for the future;
We are sowing into their lives so that they will bear much fruit for the Lord;
We are writing on the tablets of their heart that they will live His Word.

Previous Camps

2016 Theme: You are a disciple!

Goal: To help children understand what it means to live as a disciple of Christ.
1. Know what is right
2. Follow the right people
3. Lead the right way
4. Reflect Christ

Disciple (Follows Jesus)

Verse 1
God said I need to know what’s right
Be holy, holy in His sight
Think on His law all day and night
His Word directing all of me
Standing strong, righteous I will be
No sin will rule, He’s set me free
And by His grace I can become

A disciple, a disciple
I wanna be a
A disciple, a disciple
Who follows Jesus

Verse 2
I’ll love the way that He has loved
And glorify our God above
That’s how disciples lead the way
To work as one that God approves
Unashamed, tested by the truth
I live for Jesus, every day
And by His grace I can be

The Son of God, the servant King
He calls us now to follow Him
And be a light
Light to the world