Camp details

Registration closes: 20 May, 2019
Camp dates:
Fri, 7 Jun – Sun, 9 Jun 2019

Venue: Fairy Point Chalet 6, 3 Andover Road, Singapore 509984
Bus pick-up: Fri, 7 Jun at FGA@Playfair, 15 Playfair Road at 9am (Level 3)
Fee: S$50.00 per child



  • Transportation

  • Health Concerns

  • Accommodation Planning

  • Camp Fees

  • Consent




Information Pack

Cool Camp is a great learning environment for children ages 4-12 years. Learning activities and playtime are crafted to suit their age group.

This schedule is for general understanding of how a day begins and ends during the camp. The programme is subject to weather conditions or other practical reasons for the benefit of the children.

07:00am Wake up call, Exercise
08:00am Breakfast
09:00am Worship, Teaching, Activities
10:30am Snacks
12:30pm Lunch, Activities
03:30pm Snacks, Outdoor Activities
06:00pm Shower Time
06:45pm Dinner
07:30pm Worship, Teaching
09:00pm Brush Teeth, Bed Time
09:45pm Lights off for Children
11:00pm Camp Lights Off

Spark Kids will provide transport on the first day of the Camp (meet @ FGA, 7 June at 8.30am). Parents are free to send and pick up their kids everyday, as long as the respective Group Teachers have been informed. All children will check out of the Camp at 8pm on the last day.

More info: Camp Commander Josiah Ye (+65 9088 9664)

1. Please label your child’s belongings

2. Children would not be allowed to use electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

3. If you would like to contact your child, do feel free to call Sam Roberts (+65 8322 8861) or Josiah Ye (+65 9088 9664)

4. Please inform Josiah Ye (+65 9088 9664) if Parents would like to visit their children for the duration of the Camp.

1. Bible
2. Pen or Pencil
3. Towel
4. Shampoo
5. Body wash
6. Toothbrush + Toothpaste
7. Personal medication + Instructions
8. T-shirts (4 pcs)
9. Shorts (4 Pcs)
10. Undergarments (4 Pcs)
11. Water bottle
12. Small backpack / Sling bag
13. Personal snacks (Optional)
14. Socks
15. Slippers / Sandals
16. Sports Shoes
17. Sleeping bag (important)
18. Jacket (chalet is air conditioned)
19. Mosquito repellent
20. Sun protection cream
21. Black T-shirts or Tops (for Water Game)

Parents are welcome to visit their children at the Camp at anytime. Please inform Josiah Ye (+65 9088 9664) before coming.
We would also encourage parents to volunteer and provide help where needed!